On May 23, The Annapurna Express hosted an event—Salute– recognizing 100 people with their contribution to various sectors of life. The medal of distinction was handed to the 50 visionaries and token of love to 50 pioneers.

Saluting the changemakers

Along with that, ‘My Vision for Nepal’, a coffee-table book with the compilation of 50 visions of 50 eminent personalities from different walks of life, has now been unveiled.

Kalyan Shrestha, Former chief justice said that the visionaries and the pioneers present are the encouragement, because of the struggle and effort they have put to come so far. He ended his speech saying,”We need to build a society that is ready to question [the authority], only then can we develop.”

Representing the visionaries, Anuradha Koirala, one of the eldest members, showed her commitment to continuously work to materialize her vision—zero trafficking of women and children. She also thanked The Annapurna Express for the initiative.

Madan Rai who is Nepal’s first seed and agricultural equipment expert represented the pioneers team and said it might be difficult to work but no matter what, we have to live up to the beliefs put on us.

Addressing the program, Chairman of Annapurna Media Network Capt. Rameshwar Thapa said that AMN, since its establishment, has been contributing to find a solution to every problem that has prevailed in the country. He also said that there is a necessity of a collective network of eminent persons who could contribute to nation building.

Similarly, Sachan Thapa, Director of Annapurna Media Network said that ApEx has been reaching the milestone on foreign policy and international and current affairs. He added, “Readers across the country have liked ApEx’s effort to help them know the insights of Nepal’s international relation.”

The Group CEO of Annapurna Media Network, Sanat Neupane, addressed the event with his ‘salute’ to every visionaries and pioneers. “Today, we present you our undying respect, disguised as a medal and token of love,” he added.

Biswas Baral, Editor-In-Chief of The Annapurna Express said that ApEx is constantly pushing for social transformation via journalism. He also welcomed and thanked all the participants and guests.