About AMN

Annapurna Media Network

ANNAPURNA MEDIA NETWORK is a leading media conglomerate that believes in social and economic development through responsible media practice. Prosperous Nepal is always at the core of AMN. We champion democratic values, economic development, national sovereignty, nationalism, and multi-lateral harmony at regional and global fronts. AMN owns and operates extensive media brands like Annapurna Post and The Annapurna Express in print, annapurnapost.comtheannapurnaexpress.comap1.tv in digital, AP1 HD in television, Radio Annapurna Nepal in radio, and APON in modern media. AMN also hosts debates, conferences, and events on agendas that require public participation and engagement.

Founder & Chairman

Capt. Rameshwar Thapa

Annapurna Media Network is led by a renowned flight captain and a well-known figure in the Nepalese business fraternity, Capt. Rameshwar Thapa. More than being a humble media personality and businessman, Capt. Thapa is a patriotic Nepali who always has the best interest of his country at heart and is constantly working for its growth and prosperity.

Our Mission & Vision

To become the most trusted media company of Nepal

Be the voice of the voiceless

Stand tall and significant for the democracy and rule of the land

Quality Policy

AMN will follow the utmost press freedom with the highest level of responsibility.


Our History


Annapurna Post, one of the leading national dailies of Nepal started printing in 2002.


It was acquired by Nepal News Network International Pvt. Ltd. (3NI) in 2013. After the further success of Annapurna Post under its vision, 3NI launched its digital version – annapurnapost.com to cater to the Nepalese living outside Nepal.


It ventured into radio launching Radio Annapurna Nepal 94 MHz in 2015. annapurnapost.com was also launched in 2015.


It further expanded its media vehicles by launching the first HD TV channel of Nepal – AP1 HD in 2017. Its latest media expansion has been by launching a premium weekly English newspaper, the Annapurna Express.


On July 7, 2021, 3NI officially registered itself as Annapurna Media Network (AMN). AMN is the media umbrella overlooking all the media platforms under it. Our quest for adding new vehicles and growing never stops and with this enthusiasm, we are launching APON, a digital app and AP News, a news-focused TV channel this year.